Welcome to the world of The Bully’s Bully.

This webcomic is a little different than most others, in that it’s told exclusively in panels of art. There are no words. Though it might start a little slow in the beginning, I assure you that there will be tons of action and adventure, as well. More than anything it is our goal to bring readers(actually viewers, since there are no words) a fun and entertaining story. We hope the illustrations, storytelling, and overall message, are enough to keep everyone coming back for more.  Regardless, thanks for stopping by. We’ll be updating every Monday and Wednesday.

Because we’re presenting you with a silent webcomic, I feel the least I could do is offer an opening comment with most of the strips. Since the strip is new and there’s not yet enough material to really discuss, I figured I’d talk about whatever random thoughts come to mind. So please bear with my future ramblings, until the story picks up some momentum.  Thanks in advance for your patience.

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