Tribute to a Great Comic

The Bully's Bully was a kickstarter funded web comic created by Courtney Huddleston & James Taylor. Both creators were no stranger to the abuses of both physical and verbal bullying during their childhood years.

The wordless web comic was previously updated online every Monday and Wednesday. The creators released awesome work like clockwork from December 2012 till the comic ended in June 2015. However you can now find the comic in print!

All images on this site are copyright of the Bully's Bully creators.

The Bully's Bully was beautifully illustrated in black and white. Here's a few of our favorites we saved:

Farewell Bully's Bully

Thanks to the creators for many weeks of creative and inspiring work. If you miss the comic as much as we do be sure to get your copy on Amazon before they are all gone.