Guest Artist/Writers Wanted! :D

Ok, let me explain. The Bully’s Bully has been live for a bit over a year now, and we have (knock on wood) been able to update on time every week. Recently our plates have gotten a little bit full, and as a result, spread us a tad thin.  So we were hoping that maybe we could get a little help from either you guys and gals, or someone that you may know. We’re looking for anyone interested in submitting some guest art. It can be black and white, full color, with or without dialogue, whatever you like. This is your interpretation. These guest images will allow us to wrap up our Kickstarter obligations while building a better page buffer. Here is what we ask of anyone wanting to participate:

1. Please keep it rated PG.

2. While we expect most artists to keep it to one page, if anyone wants to do a short sequence, please no more than 4 pages.

3. We need the image(s) to be 700 pixels wide at  any pixel height you like (BB pixel height is 1020 in case you were wondering).

4. Chapter 3 ends in April. So we like to get all images in by March 31st

5. Let us know where you want us to link to when your page(s) go live.

We’ve provided guest art for several webcomics, but this is our first time asking for it. So we may have missed some details. Please don’t hesitate to click on our “CONTACT” button if you have further questions or concerns about any of the above.